About This Website


This website is a free to use resource provided by the Association of Event Organisers, Association of Event Venues and the Event Supplier and Services Association. It's aim is to provide organisations working in the events & exhibitions industry a resource that will allow them to generate and store the appropriate documentation to keep them in line with the recently enforced Construction Design Management Regulations that now apply to this industry.

Although this is a free to use website, you will need to register in order to use the functionality. This is because the site offers an ability to store your completed documents as both a back up resource and an immediately accessible repository should they be needed on site.

You will be able to create method statements, risk assessments and construction phase plans. You do this by following a step by step process, using a series of simple forms. Once the forms are complete, you will be able to output them to pdf and save in your storage area, to email to any address you choose, or print them out directly form screen. Should you be unable to complete the form at that time, you will be able to store it and complete it when the opportunity arises.

Alongside this website there is a companion app available for iOS, Android and Windows and it is available to download at all the usual places. The app does have slightly different functionality in that it cannot store the documents or partially completed forms, however, the remaining features are all available. There may be some variances in between platforms to enable the app to work.

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